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    about us

    Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd

    Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd, today is placed as a professional leading manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal working machinery specialized in the production of all types of hydraulic press brakes (Sychronized/Conventional), hydraulic guillotine shearing machines & hydraulic swing beam shearing machines (CNC/NC). ZYMT 's registered capital is around USD 860,000.00, occupy 100,000.00 square meters with a production workshop of 70,000.00 square meters, making it one of Chinese largest facility for professional sheet metal fabrication machinery. The total workforce at ZYMT is currently numbered at 400 ....

    • 2
    • 4
    • 6
    • 8
    • 10
    • 12
    • 14
    • 16
    • 18
    • 2
    Founding time
    • 5300
    • 12800
    • 16650
    • 24000
    • 28500
    • 36000
    • 40000
    • 55000
    • 70000
    • 5300
    Plant area
    • 44
    • 88
    • 132
    • 176
    • 220
    • 264
    • 308
    • 352
    • 400
    • 44
    MORE >>
    • Bending machineseriesVideo display
    • Import Configuration Improves Production Efficiency
    • The frame of the bending machine is processed once by
      a large floor boring and milling machine to ensure the
      machine performance is more reliable.
    • The EMB card sleeve joints imported from Germany are
      selected to effectively overcome the oil leakage
      of pipelines.
    • The BOSH valve and B0SCH pump imported from Germany
      are selected for low noise and
      environmental protection.
    • Shearing MachineSeriesVideo display
    • Model complete, a variety of configurations, for your choice!
    • CNC system for main machine assembly shearing machine;
    • Shear counting function, real-time display of shear number,
      power off memory of the position, program and parameters of the back shield;
    • Precision ball screw and linear guide are assembled to ensure
      positioning accuracy and high machining accuracy.
    • Laser Cutting MachineseriesVideo display
    • Import Configuration Improves Production Efficiency
    • Dual servo motor drive;
    • Full digital CNC servo motor communication;
    • Imported high precision electronic proportional valve;

    Contact us

    If you need service, please call us directly below or leave us a message.

    • Address: Bowang High-tech Development Zone, Bowang District, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province
    • 400-853-2699
    • 0555-6065706

    Leave what you want to say to us.

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